NYC Subway Graffiti Pays Homage To Aretha Franklin

Franklin Street subway station features tributes to the Queen of Soul.

The Franklin Street subway station in New York was reportedly turned into an impromptu tribute to singer Aretha Franklin on Thursday.

“ARETHA” was scrawled in white marker above “Franklin Street” signs on the platform for the No. 1 train, the New York Post reported. A set of stairs on the southbound side of the station in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood were adorned with the message, “Aretha makes me feel like a natural woman.”

In Brooklyn, signs at the Franklin Avenue subway station got similar treatment, the Daily News said. One artist, who used a stencil to alter signs in the Brooklyn station, told Metro in an email, “Saddened by the passing of Aretha Franklin and wanted to do something to show respect to the Queen of Soul.”

Franklin, 76, died of pancreatic cancer Thursday at her home in Detroit.