Subway Rider Ejaculates On Woman, Takes Express To Prison

"This was a hugely shocking and frightening incident," investigator says.

A subway sex criminal's freedom has been derailed.

After ejaculating on a female passenger as she sat alone on the London Underground, Peter Fabiyi was sentenced to 45 months in prison, according to reports Monday.

Fabiyi, 32, approached the 20-something woman on the Metro in July, undid his pants, and masturbated, LBC reported. The victim then fled to another car to tell a passenger what happened and report the incident to staff.

Fabiyi got noticed on closed-circuit surveillance because he slid under barriers to avoid detection with his subway pass, the Mirror noted. Cops eventually tracked him down at his house.

Fabiyi pleaded guilty to sexual assault last month before receiving his sentence on Wednesday.

Detective Constable Jennifer Brown told the Mirror that the punishment served as a warning that sexual behavior on public transit would be dealt with severely.

"This was a hugely shocking and frightening incident for this woman, and I commend her for having the awareness and courage to report the offense and support the prosecution," she said.

This side of the pond has seen its share of similar incidents as well. In December, a man was arrested for ejaculating on a female passenger while riding Boston's T.

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