Subway Received A 'Serious' Complaint About Jared Years Ago

The company says it regrets that the complaint was not properly handled.

An internal review at Subway turned up one complaint in company records that was not properly handled about former spokesman and admitted pedophile Jared Fogle, a company spokesperson told HuffPost. 

Though the complaint from 2011 accused Fogle of "serious" wrongdoing, the company said it did not concern the child pornography and prostitution charges that arose in July. Fogle, 37, accepted a plea deal in August that included paying restitution to 14 victims.

"SUBWAY’s investigation of allegations regarding its former spokesman Jared Fogle is now complete," a statement to The Huffington Post said. "The investigation identified one complaint that was submitted via SUBWAY’s website in 2011 that expressed concerns about Mr. Fogle. Although the complaint was serious, there was nothing that implied anything about sexual behavior or criminal activity involving Mr. Fogle. We regret that this comment was not properly escalated or acted upon."

Fogle became wealthy as the star of commercials that attributed his weight loss to exercise and regular meals at the sandwich chain. 

The spokesperson did not elaborate about the nature of the complaint, but said it was found after going through 1 million customer service comments, company documents and interviews with employees. 

Company officials were in a tricky position last month after two women claimed that they'd alerted Subway that their famed pitchman paid for sex with minors and watched child pornography. Subway had previously denied to HuffPost that it had any record of their complaints, and today's statement stuck to that position. 

A federal judge could sentence Fogle to 50 years when he appears in court in November, USA Today reported. 

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