Reckless Fool Takes Subway Ride Over Williamsburg Bridge On Back Of Train (VIDEO)

There's a reason subway cars have doors on them -- to keep you inside the train.

But, still, that didn't stop one foolish straphanger (and his cameraman) from jumping on the back of a subway car for a dangerous joyride. In a video posted on YouTube Wednesday, the reckless duo take a subway ride over the Williamsburg Bridge on the back of the train.

In case you were wondering, yes, this action is prohibited by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Under the MTA's Rules of Conduct, "[n]o person may ride on the roof, platform between subway cars or on any other area outside any subway car or bus or other conveyance operated by the Authority."

Subway riders in violation may face criminal prosecution or a fine from the MTA.

Now that these morons have brought us this footage, we sincerely hope that you won't feel the need to experience this for yourself.

Seriously, do not do this.