Success and Happiness Are a Result of Your Focus

In your magnificence you are putting your attention on what strengthens you and gets you juiced up.

Your attention expands and amplifies everything. Focusing on an event, a moment, a person's traits, or an emotion will reveal more detail and that detail will attract more detail... on and on... consuming your consciousness.

You are the one who directs your attention in your life.

The problem is that most of the time you are not choosing consciously what you want to focus on and you are defaulting to old habits. Your childhood training habitually trains your focus on your deficits rather than your strengths.

The action required by you is to consciously pay attention and choose where you put your focus.

"Your strengths are activities that make you feel strong, are where you learn the most, develop the most and see the greatest leaps in performance. Where you can be counted on the most. Where are you at your best, not the best at something?" -- Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham


A way to check in with yourself is to see how you are feeling. Are you feeling you are contributing? Where do you feel you can be counted on to show up in a particular manner? Or are you feeling fearful, insecure and depleted?

If your answer is the latter, shift your perspective from those things that deplete you to those moments in your life that empower and strengthen you.

Figure out how you apply those strong moments in the different areas of your life.

Your life will change from this shift in perspective and you will find more happiness and success.

1. Decide what advantage point you would like to create your life from.
2. Commit to it and put your mind where it serves you!
3. Focus your attention on what's working for you and put your energy toward creating that.

Simple yet profound!

If you want some additional inspiration, here is a great short blog from Wayne Dyer to remind you to focus on Gratitude and a wonderful video that covers the same topic. Wayne Dyer Focus on Gratitude.