Success in Your Home Based business

Home Based Business Success

Hello there. I have done a great Google Hangout with my friend and business partner Malcolm Watson, on how to create success in your home based business.

What Is Success?


From a young age I dreamt of better things and achieving success. I had a vision of creating something unique, creating relationships with people and becoming a better person.

At school, I was not a big achiever but realized that one of my best qualities was, that I don't give up and keep going on my journey to create success. I have had many failures on my journey and am still learning new skills every day.

What is success anyway? Is it the yacht in Monaco? The big house on the beach? Or the Ferrari in your drive? Success means many different things to diffrent people.

Define your own definition of success and make it unique to you. Success to someone could be to get a cabin in the woods and feed the squirrels and live off the land. Is that success? Yes, it's success for that person as they have achieved their goal.

When I was young I thought success was all about the money and the things you have. When I started to get older and have failures in life, I realised that's it's not just about the money.


It's about having balance in your life with your family, friends, your health and your income.

Create Balance in Your Life

If one is out of balance, all is out of balance. I have come to the conclusion that everyone wants the same things in life, that is to be happy and loved. Money is just a piece of the puzzle to success.

I feel blessed to have met my new business partners and to learn from my failures that nothing is impossible, only the limitations that you setup in your own mind are!

Anything is possible and we all have what it takes to be successful. We have the ability to be and do what ever we want to. It starts with a decision and to know exactly what one wants and the burning desire to reach for your dreams.

We can start to shift our thinking and move towards something you want to achieve. Time is so precious and goes by so quickly so make each moment count in your favour.

There was a quote from the book Think and Grow Rich "Make a decision promptly and change your mind slowly".

I can see results happening in my own home based business by having a shift in thinking and you can to.

Create Your New Vision and Blue Print of You


What does success mean to you? Write this down, create a new success vision of yourself, breathe life into your new vision using powerful adjectives.

Here are some examples to get your imagination flowing:

My new vision of myself is:

• To be healthy, outstanding, confident, positive, strong, fun, helpful, loving, kind, powerful, grateful, and who enjoys helping others to become successful.

• To earn x amount by a certain date. What will this Money do for your family?

• Build your dream house with swimming pool and 5 bedrooms

• Travel more

• Pay off your debt

• Start a new business

• Learn to fly

• Learn a new language

• Go on a cruise around the world with your family

• Live in another country

• Build a holiday house in a different country

• Create financial freedom for your family

• Have magical moments with your family and friends

• Home school your children

Start to feel the power that this new vision of yours can bring to you. Start to believe this is possible and you will attract that vision into your reality.

Step into your new vision and feel, hear and see how bright that is and enjoy the feelings. This will increase your vibration and attract people and new power into your life. This will help and guide you to your new vision.

To your Success and Abundance.

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