People Find Out How Successful Their Loved Ones Really Think They Are

Give yourself a little more credit.

Sometimes, we're our own toughest critics and don't always realize how much we really matter to the ones we love. 

In a video by outlet A Plus, people were asked to rate themselves on their level of success on a scale of 1-10, with many of the participants expressing some pretty hard criticisms of themselves. Later on when the participants' loved ones were asked to rate them, the responses were were so dramatically positive, they're bound to make you tear up. 

Watch as the participants start out, describing themselves without a great deal of confidence. 

"It's hard to feel successful when a lot of things are variables in your life," one woman, who gave herself a "4" rating said. 

"Mediocre," another woman says.

People were also asked how people in their lives would define their success. The participants continued to give themselves more critical responses. Their loved ones, however, had some outstanding words to say about them. 

"In family is where she finds her greatest success," one girl said of a participant. "I just know that she will forever be there for me, as cheesy as that sounds." 

When the loved ones actually scored the participants, the ratings were all incredibly high and one man even gave his mother an 11 out of 10.

The numbers were eventually revealed to the participants, and let's just say there was most definitely something in our eyes. 

Few things are more moving than when a loved one tells you how much you're treasured.

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