How To Be Great In 24 Hours Or Less

We often attribute success to great, big earth-shattering accomplishments: Completing a sub-four marathon, landing your book on the Times' best-seller list, securing a multi-million dollar deal at work.

These monumental achievements are nothing to scoff at, but there's value in recognizing your smaller-scale victories, too.

Nathalie Lussier, creator of The Website Checkup Tool, explains how reveling in your accomplishments is the key to being happier, especially at work. "We're constantly on the lookout for our next goals and milestones, and we're always pushing harder -- taking the time to celebrate what we are achieving and what we've already accomplished goes a long way," she says.

This kind of exercise -- a daily self-assessment -- could make you feel more optimistic, self-confident and even lead to bigger successes in the long run. And paying attention to what goes right will lace your life with more meaning.

The practice doesn't take a lot of work. "What is your biggest achievement in the past 24 hours?" asked reddit user Jhat316 on an AskReddit thread this week. Ruminating on this question calls for a moment of mindfulness -- a stepping back, of sorts, to find the positive in the day-to-day.

"It doesn't need to be something that will impress everyone, just think about it on a personal level," Jhat316 offers. Crafting a delicious meal, exchanging a smile with a stranger, sticking to an exercise plan -- the Reddit user is on to something: Reflecting on these smaller moments is what will ultimately lead to success. You've done something wonderful in the past day ... all you need to do is recognize it.

So ... what was your biggest success in the past 24 hours? Read a few of our favorite Reddit responses below, then take a moment to reflect and share your great (but little) feat in the comments section.

"Been having mixed feelings about my SO of 5 years. Finally had a decent talk yesterday and things seem to be going as good as ever again." -- restoredthepeace

"Not quitting soccer tryouts. Yesterday was a rough day for me; I played horrendously on our first day. At the end of the session, I told myself "there's no point - these guys are all miles ahead of me. I should just quit." Got up today ready for day 2, however. One more day of giving it my best shot, and to me, that's all that matters." -- spiffybutterball69

"For the first time in absolutely ages I've found the motive to get myself to the gym and to also take a nice long run. I feel fantastic." -- yeah_definitely

"Had my first job interview! I'll see if I got it on Monday. Either way, I did my very best." --bookworm428

"I wrote a poem again for the first time in a very long time. My inspiration came from a tree oddly enough." --LiquoriceKid

"I bought grapes instead of that tempting bar of chocolate." -- I_am_up_to_something

"I had a wonderful and successful meditation session - helped alleviate the horrible anxiety I've been dealing with for the last three days. Also made badass chicken schnitzel and delicious bok choy." -- her_name_is_cherry

"Ran a half mile without stopping on the treadmill. I know that isn't a lot, but I just started running a couple months ago after spraining my ankle badly a year ago spring. I'm angling to increase my running time and lose some more weight." -- Barkingpanther

"I baked something experimental: sweet potato biscuits. They came out kind of tough, but it's a start!" -- ezeulu

"I ran the first day of the couch - 5K program without doing what I call "the shuffle" (Barely hobbling along when you're supposed to be running. Happens when you're extremely tired but still trying to run.). I've been holding myself back, and it's taken 2 weeks, but I can finally start advancing." -- Stratisphear

"Came out my shell long enough to smile at a random girl walking on the street. I got one back. That made my day." -- shanndow0

"I got my kids to sleep on time and I didn't fight with my wife." -- ilikeagedgruyere

"I apologized for being wrong." -- Darneus

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