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Five Principles That Will Change Your Life

It's never been a more important time to believe in your dreams. Stand up for what matters to you most, speak up and be heard. Your dreams matter and will impact the lives of many others, most importantlylife and destiny.
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A dream is simply something that you want. Where dreams come from, are from inside of you. Some are based on need, such as your need to put your kids through a good school or to make money, and some are based on desire, something that makes you happy. The most profound dreams are those that are aligned with your purpose or mission. Standing in your life's purpose, the quality of your life will change.

Here are five important practices designed to change your life and help you achieve your dreams:

1. Intention -- It is the setting of an intention that will call in wonderful resources, opportunities and people. What do you intend to do, create or accomplish? You could set an intention every day, even every moment of each day. Do you intend to live on purpose? Do you intend to learn and grow? Do you intend to be loving and kind?

You set an intention and then you take action. We also want to have deeper, meaningful intentions about how we live. How do you intend to feel every day? How do you intend to express your love? How do you intend to express your creativity? How do you intend to have fun, to make a contribution, to take a risk? How do you intend to live?

2. Integrity -- If you were to survey big dreamers on the qualities that they value most, at the top of the list is usually integrity. Keeping your word and delivering on your promises is essential. When you have cleaned up your past and are free to move forward, not only are your dreams more attainable, they are richer, deeper and more rewarding. You have the opportunity to honestly assess your entire life and to become more alive than you ever imagined. Through simple steps, you can free your past and make room in the present, so that you can dream big dreams and live the life you long for.

3. Share Your Dream -- With newfound clarity (from your intention) and newfound freedom (from living with integrity) the world is your oyster. Now when you speak about your dream or vision, people will relate to you differently because you will feel different about yourself. You can move forward with confidence, knowing that you can trust yourself and therefore, others can trust you.

A visionary is someone with a vision or a dream. But a visionary also articulates their dream with such clarity that others understand what it is and with such passion that others want to participate with them. A visionary inspires with greater purpose. And a visionary brings voice to their vision. They let their dream be heard and have impact. Sometimes it is a popular message and sometimes they are one lone voice. Regardless, they hold true to what they believe in, to what inspires them, and they bring it alive in the world through their convictions, words and of course, actions.

4. Take Action -- It is essential that you put everything you have learned into action. It is through the steps you do take, that you can see what you have learned, the progress you are making, where you are stuck and where you need help. Without action, we are "just" dreamers. Taking action is power.

People judge us much more based on what we do, not just what we say. What action will you take to move your dream forward? What are you doing to make your dreams real? Specifically, what are you doing to create a dream come true life? What's one thing you could do today, right now, to demonstrate your commitment to your dream?

5. Build Your Dream Circle -- Once you know what you want to accomplish, you can experience the ease and joy from sharing your dream with others. The single most powerful thing you can do to achieve your dream is to build Dream Circles with like-minded people who support you and your ideas.

Begin with one person who believes in you and your dream and then seek out others. Inspire them with your passion and vision. Show them you are serious through the actions you take every day. You can invite them to join you as you encourage them to dream bigger dreams.

It's never been a more important time to believe in your dreams. Stand up for what matters to you most, speak up and be heard. Your dreams matter and will impact the lives of many others, most importantly your own life and destiny.

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