One Quality That Sets Successful Parents Apart

In his "Tip of the Day" video above, Dr. Phil talks about what makes a successful parent. "When you look at children as a project, you have to think about them in three phases. They start out being totally dependent on you, then they move into a phase of preparation. This is where they’re learning, going to school, developing social skills, a sense of self, self-esteem, self-worth. And then they move into the phase of performance. It’s really hard sometimes to let them go to the next level, because it’s an unknown. It’s scary for you; it’s scary for them. But when children go to the next level, you want them to do it with a sense of confidence, a sense of knowing that they can meet the responsibilities."

In other words, your roles are going to change as your children's stages of life change. Dr. Phil sums it up: "Don’t resist the change; embrace the change."

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