'Succession' Star Brian Cox Sums Up Fox News With 2 Words And A Hand Gesture

“I don’t even go there," the Logan Roy actor told CNBC.

Succession” star Brian Cox took a swipe at Fox News this week, likening the conservative network to “the devil.”

The Scottish actor made the sign of the cross while commenting on CNBC Wednesday, promoting the upcoming third season of the HBO hit series, which premieres Sunday.

“I don’t even go there,” Cox said of Fox News, after being asked if playing the Rupert Murdoch-reminiscent media titan Logan Roy on the comedy-drama had changed the way he reads the news.

Cox later riffed on whether Murdoch — who he’s previously claimed has “fuck all” to do with the show and his character ― actually believes the “nonsense” broadcast on the Murdoch-owned network, saying it was “neither here nor there” because he “just knows it’s good television.”

Watch the interview here:

Cox said he loves CNN, but it covers “clearly the same story again and again and again and again and again.”

He also talked about the polarization of the media in the U.S., comparing the industry to the United Kingdom, where he said there was “more debate” and “nuance in the news.”

“It’s not as cut and dry,” Cox said. “But I also … understand where it’s coming from because this country desperately needs alignment, so you can see why these channels have developed in the way they have.”

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