'Succession' Producer Issues Ominous Warning To Donald Trump 'Cult' Members

Frank Rich warned they will “pay a price, a human price and a reputational price forever.”

Journalist Frank Rich, an executive producer for HBO shows “Veep” and “Succession,” on Thursday warned Donald Trump’s Republican collaborators of the price their families will one day pay for unwavering devotion to the president.

“There’s going to be a reckoning,” Rich said on MSNBC’s “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell.” “They will be implicated, so will their children and their grandchildren,” he added. “There’s going to be a stain.”

Rich said that, when it comes to Trump, “it is a cult because people who in some cases did have reputations that they have now destroyed, good reputations, have made fools of themselves for their dear leader.”

The cult leader is “never going to be reformed” or “see the problems of their ways,” he added. “But the people who swirl around them and were taken in, they’re going to pay a price, a human price and a reputational price forever.”

Rich, in an article for New York magazine (where he is a writer-at-large), published on Tuesday, wrote that “once Trump has vacated the Oval Office, and possibly for decades thereafter, his government, like any other deposed strongman’s, will be subjected to a forensic colonoscopy to root out buried crimes, whether against humanity or the rule of law or both.”

“With time, everything will come out — it always does,” he added, claiming “Trump’s collaborators, our Vichy Republicans, will own all of it” whether they were “active participants in the wrongdoing,” the “so-called adults in the room who stood idly by” or “those elite allies beyond the White House gates who pretended not to notice administration criminality and moral atrocities in exchange for favors like tax cuts and judicial appointments.”

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