Youn Malual Immigrated To Denver From Sudan To Save His Family From Civil War, Found Shot To Death In Parking Lot (UPDATE)

Christmas Tragedy: Sudanese Refugee Killed Outside Home (UPDATE)

Youn Malual, a 43-year-old immigrant, was found shot to death late Christmas night in front of his home in Arapahoe County, Colorado.


Friends and family of Malual created a memorial fund Tuesday. Donations can be made at Wells Fargo banks, reports the Denver Post. Police still have not identified any suspects.


Malual immigrated to the United States six years ago from Sudan to escape the civil war that threatened his family's survival. "It's a very tragic death," said Gatwec Dengpathot, a Sudanese community organizer and friend, to the Denver Post. "He did not have any enemies. He was a family guy."

Investigators are unsure of a motive and have no suspects, but do have several leads. Malual held two jobs to support his wife and five children, writes the Associated Press.

"Over here, [it's] supposed to be a safe haven for all the victim of wars, victim of everything across the world and then instead somebody coming to kill you in your own parking lot," Dengpathot told 9News. "As someone that escaped all these atrocities trying to come to the U.S., the best country in the whole world, and then seeing some things like this happening to my fellow South Sudanese, it is bizarre."

7News adds several bullet holes were also found on the outside of a nearby building.

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