Suddenly Born

There are moments in life when we are suddenly born, not in the newborn infant kind of way but in the "who we really are" kind of way. Life's moments can often bring out the best in people, by giving them a chance to put their true essence to use. Some of these are conscious decisions and others are unplanned situations where we quite simply shine.

Such is the case with Antoinette Tuff, the true hero who talked down the gunman who entered the Georgia elementary school with the intention to die, and to scarily take others with him.

This was the moment when Antoinette Tuff was born. Much like when the pilot "Sully" saved his plane by landing it in New York's Hudson River a few years. He was born at that moment as well.

The story of Antoinette is spell-binding, terrifying, and inspiring... making each of us wonder what we would do in a similar situation. She literally took the situation in her hands and saved lives, including the life of the very troubled gentleman who probably simply needed help. She single-handedly diffused the situation, with no training or plans to ever have to be in a situation like that. In fact she was supposed to be off that day. Spell-binding.

Step by step through the ups and downs of calming the situation, Antoinette remained steadfast in getting resolution. Inside she says she was on the verge of losing it. Terrifying.

As I've watched the numerous interviews with Antoinette, including the one where she reunites with the 911 dispatcher Kendra McCray who helped her on the phone, I've been awed by this woman's demeanor. For whatever reason, her life took her to this moment and she added value to society. She saved lives... and what she is all about as a person came pouring out. Inspiring.

While it might be odd to say, Antoinette is lucky. Now my Dad always says "it takes a lot of work to be lucky," and nothing could be more true in this situation. But Antoinette is lucky because she got the chance to show what she's made of and got the chance to really and truly change people's lives. We now know what she is all about, and so does she.

The true Antoinette Tuff was born as a result, and that is amazing. I have a feeling that Antoinette's life is really about to begin.