Sue Everhart, Georgia GOP Chairwoman, Warns Of 'Free Ride' Gay Marriage Fraud

Republican WarnsWill Enter Into Gay Marriage

Georgia GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart warned that straight people might enter into fraudulent gay marriages to obtain benefits, the Marietta Daily Journal reported Saturday.

"You may be as straight as an arrow, and you may have a friend that is as straight as an arrow,” she told the Journal. “Say you had a great job with the government where you had this wonderful health plan. I mean, what would prohibit you from saying that you’re gay, and y’all get married and still live as separate, but you get all the benefits? I just see so much abuse in this it’s unreal. I believe a husband and a wife should be a man and a woman, the benefits should be for a man and a woman. There is no way that this is about equality. To me, it’s all about a free ride.”

It's theoretically possible that such a scenario could happen, but there isn't any evidence of widespread fraud following the adoption of gay marriage in nine states and the District of Columbia. Though fictional, the premise of the 2007 Adam Sandler movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" was a pair of straight firefighters getting domestic partnership status.

Everhart does not note the possibility of marriage fraud among opposite-sex couples, though others have warned against marriage fraud committed in order to get immigration benefits. In reality, the number of proven cases of such fraud is extremely small.

Everhart also said she could not understand how two gay people could ever have sex. "If it was natural, they would have the equipment to have a sexual relationship," she told the Journal.

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