Sue Lowden 'Supporter' Dubs Nevada Senate Candidate 'Suicidal Sue'

Sue Lowden's campaign to capture the Republican nomination for Senate in Nevada has hit yet another speed bump as one of the GOP hopeful's most prominent supporters is now referring to her as "Suicidal Sue."

Reno Mayor Bob Cashell first coined the nickname for Lowden last week amid the fallout from the Republican contender's "chickens for check ups" fiasco and charges that she violated FEC campaign finance laws.

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

Reno Mayor Bob Cashell -- who hasn't been all that consistent in whom he is backing in the race -- was asked last week if he is worried about Lowden's campaign in the wake of the chicken-bartering debacle and questions about whether her campaign bus is an exorbitant violation of campaign finance laws.

Cashell shook his head: "She's suicidal -- Suicidal Sue."

Lowden responded to Cashell's criticism by insisting that the two are "friends" and that the Reno Mayor "was probably misquoted." Ultimately though, despite efforts from the Lowden camp to do damage control, the Republican candidate proved unable to escape the fallout from her new nickname.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports:

Days after criticizing Republican Sue Lowden's sputtering campaign for the U.S. Senate, Reno Mayor Bob Cashell failed to show up for a photo opportunity billed by the Lowden campaign as a display of Cashell's continued support of her senate bid.
"Bob Cashell is one of my favorite people," Lowden said outside the Flowing Tide bar, where Cashell was supposed to share a beer with her. "He is very much a part of my campaign, so we thought we would have a friendly beer."

When reporters asked Cashell why he was a no-show at the event, the Reno Mayor simply said that "something came up."

Despite Lowden's efforts to downplay her scuffle with Cashell, the Reno Mayor revived his "Suicidal Sue" nickname one again Tuesday and made clear that he's sticking by his criticism of the Senate hopeful's campaign in an interview with local NBC affiliate News 4:

Reno's mayor is standing by his comments about GOP senate candidate Sue Lowden's campaign, while he continues to support her.
"I still endorse Sue Lowden for Senate," he said. "I think she's very capable and very qualified. But, I hope her handlers will do a better job of working with her, and coordinating things. If they make a mistake, admit they made a mistake, don't try to cover it and brush over it."

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