Sue Simmons, WNBC Channel 4 Anchor, Let Go After 32 Years (VIDEO)

WATCH: WNBC Lets Anchor Go After 32 Years

Local news anchor and WNBC veteran Sue Simmons has been given the axe by television executives after an epic 32 years on air.

The New York Post delivers the sad news that Simmons' contract will be up in June, ending the longest-running anchor team that is the legendary Sue Simmons and co-anchor Chuck Scarborough duo.

Scarborough will remain for at least three more years.

Simmons began her career at Channel 4 in 1980 and as is the highest paid anchorwoman for local stations in the country.

Her more than three decades of airtime saw some classic television moments, most notably and hilariously including her F-Bomb wielding remark to Scarborough in 2008.

The Awl eulogizes her career at WNBC quite perfectly:

Sue Simmons has been the face of local news here in New York for literally as long as I can remember. A hard-charging, swear-dropping, before-broadcast-drinking, poker-playing, fun-loving broad, she has been exactly what this city needs as a news anchor. Plus, there's that great urban legend about her mugging down with some gal at Shakespeare in the Park. For three decades now, Sue Simmons has been synonymous with the New York broadcast. I can't even imagine what local news will look like without her.

In 2009, Simmons admitted to anchoring under the influence of a few cocktails back in the 80's. She eventually stopped the pre-show imbibing when she noticed her tired, red eyes were getting the best of her. Simmons reassured, however, she was never "loaded" on television.

Check out all of the above best moments from Simmons, including some vintage footage with pal Scarborough below:

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