'Sugar Baby' Reveals Why Married Men Cheat With Her For Thousands Of Dollars (VIDEO)

Rylee, 26, is a self-described “sugar baby” who dates older, wealthy men who shower her with gifts like cars, luxurious vacations, shopping excursions, and thousands of dollars a month in cash. “I always say, ‘Finances before romances,’” she says matter-of-factly, pointing out that she doesn’t get completely nude or have sex with the men, many of whom are married.

Though she’s been criticized for being a home-wrecker and called a whore by critics, she is unapologetic about her lifestyle. When she sits down with Dr. Phil, she explains why she believes married men enjoy her company so much. “They’re looking for what their wife isn’t offering them anymore,” she says in the video above. “After you’ve been married for so long you lose that TLC — holding hands, listening, talking about other things.”

Rylee explains: “If your wife got fat, stopped wearing makeup, [was always] wearing sweatpants, you’re going to lose interest.” That’s when she steps in. “We make them happy so they go home to their wives and say, ‘I’m happy now. Maybe I’ll treat you better, because I’m in a good mood.’”