'Sugar Baby For My Son': Philadelphia Parent Seeks Girl On Craigslist To Take Teen's Virginity

Parent Advertises For 'Sugar Baby' To Take Son's Virginity

When a Philadelphia parent started a Craigslist ad with "This is going to sound strange," the user was right. Advertising for a "sugar baby" to take your 18-year-old son's virginity before he heads to Harvard University is pretty bizarre.

The unusual Craigslist ad, posted under the title "Sugar Baby for my Son" in Philadelphia's personals section Tuesday, requests a 19 or 20-year-old girl to casually run into the teen at an upcoming concert and show him a good time -- wink, wink. (Kudos to The Daily Dot for first spotting it.)


"He's very handsome and extremely fit," the parent assures. The only problem, according to the ad, is he's a bit socially awkward and may be a virgin.

The parent describes how the planned date will go, before getting to the remuneration. "In return I'll make your financial issues disappear," the ad reads, adding that those who reply should include their preferred type of car in the subject line of the email.

We're not sure if this is real or not, but, if it is, then this Craigslist user may be the ultimate helicopter parent.

The "sugar baby" ad was still live at press time. You can also see a screenshot of the Craigslist post below.

sugar baby for my son

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