Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
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Remember when you and your spouse/partner first met? Many of us can remember even the smallest of details because, for one reason, they are bathed in passion. You may have taken a simple walk downtown or had a lunch together in the park. These were the days when all you had to do was hold your partner's hand and your mind and body were lit. Many wonder if you can rekindle that powerful feelings.

As many relationships go, the rewards have to get bigger and bigger to spark the same feelings. Sometimes no matter how dramatic, they can weaken and in some cases even become ineffective.

There are, however, several mind-body mechanisms that can help individuals renew their relationship and help unlock a flood of higher energy and passion. The following are a few favorites.

You can, for example, tap the power of old and positive memories. Exciting intimate memories, especially those from early in your relationship and which have not been visited in a long time (at least not in real-time) can turn up the passion. Brace yourself, these can work subtly and quickly too.

Going to a favorite place you visited and thoroughly enjoyed when you and your sweetheart were just getting to know one another and your feelings for each other were soaring is another way to tap the power of memory. When you arrive at your favorite place, consider taking a slow walk through the old sites you enjoyed before: parks, stores, coffee shops, a theater. Each will continue to spark the good vibes. Talking about the details can enhance your positive emotions -- recalling, for example, what you liked best about these locations. If you biked, hiked, or jogged together, trying this activity again can power up the effects of romantic memory.

Making a new memory can generate positive currency for now and the future of a relationship. An easy and fun way to do this is to plan a day or weekend trip -- e.g., go to a place you and your spouse/partner find exciting, yet never had the opportunity to experience. As within some of the vivid memories from early on in your relationship, you will find that the surprises in new experiences don't have to be so "big" and dramatic and costly.

Associate Your New Memory.

Associating your new memory with other positive emotional data will spike its good influences. There are virtually infinite ways you can do this. One is to make a playlist of new songs you and your partner organize especially for your trip and based on your favorite songs as a couple. By attaching your new memory to this music you will be able to recall it (and the passionate feelings it evokes) easier and faster whenever you like.

Use the power of gentle touch, and gentle, peaceful verbal communication. Consider your partner's spirit (I mean this nondenominationally). This is who your partner is within. Love the beauty of this spirit. Slow down all busyness. Luxuriate in this spirit with comfort, safety, and joy. Commit this to memory.


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