HUFFINGTON POST Offers Woodside, California, $11.65 Million To Change Town Name

"Welcome to, U.S.A."

That's what the town sign would likely read if Woodside, Calif., decides to take up on its offer to change its town name. While the publicity stunt may seem outlandish, with $11.65 million on the table, the prospective name change is no joke.

NBC Southern California reports that the dating website extended the offer to the town because of its many affluent residents, such as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and actress Michelle Pfeiffer. The most recent data from the American Community Survey, administered by the U.S. Census Bureau, indicates the town's median household income is $186,359.

However, may have set its sights a bit too high.

According to the Monterey County Herald, Woodside Vice Mayor David Burow laughed when he heard about the offer.

"I guess they don't know Woodside -- they picked a town that actually doesn't seek publicity," Burow told the local newspaper. "People go to Woodside to be anonymous."

Under the terms of the proposal, the small California town, which is located south of San Francisco, would also be required to erect a statue of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. is pushing for the town to consider its pitch at an upcoming council meeting, but the Woodside Town Council is not expected to take the offer.

"I don't think Woodside can be bought so cheaply," councilman Ron Romines told the San Mateo County Times, "but I will offer to change my name for that sum of money."

It seems may have better luck in Texas, where it also recently made an offer to the city of Sugar Land -- albeit for much less money. Although Sugar Land's mayor turned down the $4.65 million offer, in July, a wealthy businessman bought the ghost town of Bankersmith, Texas, and changed its name to Bikinis, after his restaurant chain.