'Suicidal Caterpillar' Dances In Frog's Face, Is Eventually Devoured (VIDEO)

Did this caterpillar have a death wish?

That was the question some Reddit users posed after watching a bizarre video that shows what appears to be a caterpillar "dancing" in front of a frog's face so vigorously, that the aggravated frog eventually just eats it.

In the clip, the brightly colored caterpillar approaches the large frog sitting quietly under a plant. As the frog stares impassively, the caterpillar proceeds to wave its body back and forth under the amphibian's nose, at one point even moving close enough to touch the predator's mouth area.

Eventually fed up with the behavior of the potential prey, the frog makes quick work of the caterpillar at the 0:57 mark.

Caterpillars are actually fattened larvae, the mid-point of a butterfly's life cycle. Their job, ostensibly, is to survive so that they can complete metamorphosis. To this end, different species employ a variety of defense mechanisms, including camouflage and bad odors. Some caterpillars are even carnivorous, turning the tables on their soft and squishy image, according to National Geographic.

From the video, it's unclear exactly what type of caterpillar is featured. And it's even possible the insect isn't a caterpillar at all. The larvae of the Sawfly, which have black and yellow coloring similar to the caterpillar in the video, have been known to "dance" when they are trying to ward off predators, the Daily Mail notes.

Whatever the story, it's well-documented that frogs enjoy a tasty snack, especially if they don't have to work for it. In one YouTube video, a South America Horned Frog devours a tomato hornworm offered up by its owner.

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