Suicide And Internet Impact

Very recently, I had to go through many questions and ask myself why people reach the ultimate depression and despair in life, leading themselves to death by committing suicide. They take their lives, cutting their thread, one day just like that.

It has been only one month that I had to experience this tremendous and overwhelming fact that literally cut my breath and sank me to the stark depths of sadness and grief, trying to find an answer: Why? Shall i ever get it? It is so complicated to talk and analyze the human being and over all to talk and understand human soul, one unexplorable part of ourselves. It is our Alpha and Omega in life. How could apprehend and feel this incorporeal part of us that determines our behavior and how to act and feel.

As I said, sharing my life with a beloved person of mine who decided to end up his life one day by this tragic end, overpasses me. It is more than a Greek tragedy, it is beyond any reason and ratio and sometimes a selfish action of the self-victim, who is in despair and tries to find peace with this ultimate action. The emptiness of such a loss will be always chasing my life like a ghost, when one day, without any explanation, no help -as the most of these people never exteriorize their thoughts and problems- decided to cut their umbilical cord that joins us to God. It is a disrespectful act to our Creator, however, it is a “sin”, I avoid to call it so, leading the person to an irrational and egoist thinking that by cutting abruptly his thread of life will find a relief and peace though, who does not think about the people who will leave behind. Life is beautiful with pains and joys, happiness and miseries, all these feelings that consist us and give us the motivation to go ahead for a better life, as life is a struggle by itself. Life needs warriors and defenders, believers and winners of the daily struggle to survive as all that fills us up with strength to go further and further in order to become Messengers of our question: Why to be here?

The question remains the same: I wish I knew and could have helped and have encouraged my beloved person in his suffering that I ignore, how much deeply his soul had been engraved forever. Sensitive and fragile persons are the most “attacked”. I thought Church can help a lot when one confesses problems to a private confessor will find comfort. This is the role of Church: to relieve the heart and soul, to approach God who is the Soul and we are parts of His.

The civilized societies, the electronic era that we are living in, made our existence much easier in many domains but at the same time took us away from the source of happiness. Human is a human and will remain so, internet culture cannot substitute happiness, but at the length, leads to impasses and ends as we are losing tracks to God and we are heading full speed ahead to the darkness and despair. Internet is not the solution for everything. My beloved person tried to heal everything through his private “doctor” and “confessor” (internet) that showed him the way how to take his life “Best ways to commit suicide”. Something we need urgently to think, reconsider and evaluate our lives!

Tell your people when you see them in problem how much you love them and both or all together can solve things. Because only love keeps us joined and empowered to face hardships of life!


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If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the National
Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text HELLO to 741-741 for free,
24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line. Outside of the U.S., please
visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database
of resources.

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