Afghanistan Suicide Bombers Attack Kabul Police Station

Suicide Bombers Attack Kabul Police Station

(Releads with incident over, police deny suicide attack)

KABUL, Dec 16 (Reuters) - An attack on a policestation in the west of Kabul on Friday ended without casualties,police and the Interior Ministry said.

An attacker threw a hand grenade at the station, ministryspokesman Sediq Sediqqi said on his official Twitter account,and soon afterwards police said they had regained control.

"There were gunfights in Police District Five. There were nocasualties. Now everything is under control and we areinvestigating the case," said Mohammad Zahir, head of thecriminal investigation department for Kabul police.

Police officials denied the incident was a suicide attack.

Earlier, a Reuters witness heard gunfire and at least twoexplosions, and a police source, speaking on condition ofanonymity, said several suicide bombers had attacked the policestation.

The Taliban generally target military personnel orforeigners, such as in the attack on a convoy of NATO-ledInternational Security Assistance Force (ISAF) vehicles in lateOctober, which killed 13.

That attack was also in the west of the city, an area whichdoes not have a high concentration of foreign residents.

A huge suicide bomb killed 80 people at a Shi'ite Muslimshrine in Kabul last week, an attack the Taliban condemned.

Despite the presence of tens of thousands of Western forcesin Afghanistan, the United Nations and other groups say violenceis at its worst since U.S.-led Afghan forces toppled the Talibanfrom power in late 2001.

NATO-led forces say they have seen a decline over recentmonths in attacks launched by insurgents against their troops. (Reporting by Hamid Shalizi and Mirwais Harooni; Writing byDaniel Magnowski; Editing by Sophie Hares)

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