'Suit & Tie' Lyric Video: Justin Timberlake Gets Dressed, Drinks, Smokes, Jay-Z Doesn't Show Up

There's not much to say about this new "Suit & Tie" lyric video, except perhaps that Justin Timberlake is proving himself to be a first-rate troll. First, he tweets about an announcement, which turns out to just be a countdown to another announcement, which resulted in -- finally -- a song. Then, he releases a teaser for a lyric video, and then the lyric video itself.

To his (tiny) credit, at least the lyric video features Timberlake. But he's not off the hook yet: Where's Jay-Z? While Jay raps his verse, all the viewer sees is Timberlake, smoking a cigar, drinking some dark liquor. Yes, it's all very Manly (with a capital "M") and surely some folks are swooning somewhere, but for the love of all things fun, why not just release a song and then drop a nicely produced video with Hov?

What's that, Justin? You're saying that we wouldn't write about you as much if you played it straight? Oh. :(

Watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments. Timberlake's album, "The 20/20 Experience," is out this year. Or maybe he'll just release the liner notes?

Justin Timberlake, Then and Now