This 'Suit Supply' Ad Campaign Is So Sexist, It Seems To Have Forgotten What It's Selling

When it comes to sexist ads, we thought we had seen the worst of it. Until now.

Dutch company SuitSupply has us slamming our heads against our desks with its Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. The menswear brand is trying to sell suits with advertisements chock-full of bare breasts beneath drenched button-ups and bikini-clad women. Reminiscent of Abercrombie & Fitch's attempt to sell clothes by removing them, the campaign (viewing options include censored and uncensored) features more naked women than actual clothing -- much less men's clothing.

left arm
This is (by far) the most underboob action we've ever seen in an advertisement for suits.

As PolicyMic's Elizabeth Plank deftly noted: "The result is an ad campaign that only a guy who still idolizes Stifler could appreciate."

Not only do these ads completely demean and objectify women, SuitSupply offends men if they really believe an entire gender is actually this narrow-minded when shopping for clothing. If only they'd market Crocs to men using disembodied, be-thonged women, they'd all be traipsing about in pastel rubber, right? While sex may sell, it's almost impossible to determine what SuitSupply is even attempting to sell here.

We thought SuitSupply would've learned their lesson after their huge advertising flop in 2010, when their campaign was so demeaning to women that the ads were deemed offensive and removed from Facebook. As Plank pointed out, "Who knew men could engage in so much sexual activity without ever taking their suits off?" (Seriously though, do people do that? Because, if so, we're confused.)

boobs "Buy these suits so your lady friend can wear them when she swims." (Wait.. what?)

The ad is supposedly a "reminder of what summer looks like," but we don't ever remember summer looking like this. We prefer our bikinis on a beach, and we think it's safe to assume that men might prefer some nice shorts when the temperature rises -- no matter how many needlessly naked women a three-piece suit promises.

"I've always wanted 'made to order dimples!'" -- said no woman ever.

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