Suit Supply's 'Shameless' Campaign Causes Stir With Scantily-Clad Women (PHOTOS, POLL)

PHOTOS: 'Shameless' Suit Campaign Causes Stir

Dutch Label Suit Supply has caused quite a stir with its new, "Shameless" ad campaign. The graphic and totally NSFW pics depict women with their skirts up or shirts pulled down while the male models show off the brand's latest offerings.

According to Jezebel, "Suit Supply says it had to remove its Shameless pixxx from its Facebook page because they were 'deemed offensive.' What sadness!" We're sure all 69 (seriously) of Suit Supply's friends will be upset. But don't worry -- the ads are still up on Suit Supply's website.

Check out some of the ads below (the more NSFW ones can be viewed here) and tell us what you think.

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