Suit Up: The Guide

Suit Up: The Guide
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Choosing the right suit can leave even the most experienced a little confused. Do I go for a traditional black suit or do I venture out? How do I know if it fits perfectly? What accessories would work with my suit? These are just a few of the questions you might be asking, so have a read through The Stag Do Company complete Suit-Up guide.


Getting The Right Fit

If you don't have the budget for a tailor, then focusing on the fitting is essential. Nowadays, off-the-shelf suits are produced at a much higher quality and you have a vastly greater selection to choose from, all at a very reasonable price.

The first area you want to check is how it appears with your arms out straight in front of you. If it stretches over your hands then you need to drop down a size, while you want the sleeve of your shirt to go half an inch over the jacket so you can show off your cuff links.

Make sure the shoulders fit perfectly, without any wrinkles, as this will shape the entire suit. As you button up the suit, you should be able to slide your hand underneath, where your chest is. If it is too tight then go for a size up, but make sure it doesn't hang off loosely. The suit should drop just over your rear, or as the popular saying goes, 'a suit jacket is like a good lawyer, it should cover your ass'.

Most suits will have two buttons, however you will sometimes notice a few with 3 buttons, which tend to appear a bit more 'old school'. A number of people are currently opting for a single button, which can look trendy (albeit not overly professional), however if this is your first suit then I would go for a two button suit.

Picking A Colour

You first need to consider the event you will be attending and then also what you will be using it for in the future. If you only plan on buying one for the foreseeable future, then you might want to go for a traditional charcoal, navy blue or Cambridge grey.

I have a slight love for chocolate brown suits, or in fact all shades of brown, however these sometimes have a more relaxed appearance.

What Material Do I Choose?

The popularity of material will vary country to country, as breathability is an important aspect. Other important questions you may face is how easily it will crease and the quality of the material.
If you manage to get pure wool, it should completely keep its shape if you hang it up at night. This is probably the most popular option due to its versatility.

Cotton is a very popular material, mainly chosen for the summer period, however they do sometimes get a bad rap for their tendency to crease. These are ideal for the spring, summer or autumn.

Velvet is very much a 1920's style (think of the Great Gatsby). The expensive form is made from cotton, while they cheap form is made from rayon, while you should try to stick to dark rich colours.

You notice a number of polyester suits pop up, but these tend to crease quite easily (no where near as easily as linen) and can have a cheap appearance. If you're going for something on the other end of the market, you might want to try a cashmere or silk suit.

Which Accessories To Choose

The most obvious accompaniment is a tie, with millions of different styles to choose from. The number one rule is to pick one darker than the colour of your shirt. If you go for something a little bit more exuberant, make sure you wear a relatively plain shirt. The width of the tie will vary quite a bit, with wider ones appearing more traditional (think of a banker), while thinner ones can appear more trendy (too thin and it can appear a bit too relaxed).

The colour of your belt should match the colour of your shoes, something so often unappreciated when picking out your clothing.

You might also want to put on a pocket square, but just make sure you go for a different colour to your tie. A pocket square and socks are a great way to show off some flamboyance.

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