For Men Who Need Clothing Help, This Is The Blog To Follow

Retro Men's Fashion in London, UK
Retro Men's Fashion in London, UK

Most men think "fashion" means a straightforward suit-and-tie look. But we don't fault guys for thinking this way -- the pressed slacks, button-up shirt and tailored jacket have long defined men's clothing, and it can get pretty boring. While women get an endless variety of skirts, dresses and even dressy pants (try them!), men get the same plain, solid colored suits their fathers wore. But it doesn't have to be that way.

For style insights men can actually use, we're loving Suit Up Weird, a blog that encourages guys to push the boundaries with their fashion decisions, from unorthodox prints to quirky neck ties. Each post collects images under a topic, such as ties, shoes, or even whole outfits for fashion inspiration. The effect of the photos is a clean, well put-together look with a touch of flair that proves dressing to impress doesn't mean always sticking to what's tried and true. Guys, take note... and start following the Tumblr here.

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