This Clever Suitcase Is Basically A Closet On Wheels

No shirt left behind.

We’re always game for gadgets that make travel easier especially those that allow us to bring our entire wardrobe along.

Behold the ShelfPack. This expandable suitcase turns into a shelving unit that can hold a crazy amount of clothes:

The ShelfPack debuted last year, but its capacity for closet cargo will remain timeless for generations of over-packers to come.

Simply fill the ShelfPack’s four collapsible shelves with clothes, get to your destination, then raise the supports and hook the shelves into place for the portable closet of your dreams.

At 26x18x14 inches, the ShelfPack exceeds the carry-on size limits for major airlines. You should also know it weighs 14.5 pounds when empty, which is more than eight pounds heavier than a comparably sized suitcase from Samsonite.

Travelers who’ve used the ShelfPack say it can be tough to lug around, but it holds a staggering number of clothes. Some recommend storing dirty clothes in the empty space beneath the shelves.

Up to the challenge? The ShelfPack retails for $349 online, with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. See more of it in action below:

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