'Suits' Finale: Harvey Meets His Match In Conleth Hill Of 'Game Of Thrones' (VIDEO)

The "Suits" finale is upon us (Thursday, February 21 at 10 p.m. EST on USA) and fans can expect an extra dose of drama thanks to Conleth Hill, best known as Lord Varys from HBO "Game of Thrones."

HuffPost TV has a sneak peek of Hill as Edward Darby, who stops by Harvey Specter's office (Gabriel Macht) in the "Suits" finale with some bad news. "Listen, Benny Hill: I'm a little busy preparing a motion to kick your ass. Mind getting to the point?" Harvey jokes when Darby enters.

"We had Hardman (David Costabile) gone and we had Harvey (Gabriel Macht) angling for getting his name on the door. Circumstances are such that here comes Darby angling for a merger with Jessica's firm," "creator Aaron Korsh told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the "Suits" finale. "Jessica has agreed to merge with Darby and the reason she's done that is because tactically she needed to open up their books to [prove that] Hardman was embezzling and that he's not bound by the confidentiality agreement. Harvey's found out about the merger and he doesn't trust it because he doesn't trust Scottie (Abigail Spencer). It's never the full story with Scottie."

Watch the "Suits" finale sneak peek above to see what Darby tells Harvey and what he means by this threat: "One doesn't hunt the fox while it's still in its den. One sounds the horn, allows the poor creature a head start before giving chace."

Read USA's official episode description of the Season 2 "Suits" finale below:

A British firm decides to sneak in with a tempting offer for Jessica's (Gina Torres) firm, clashing with Harvey's plans for the future and Jessica's own vision, and leaving them both to make up their minds on what direction to take with their careers.

The Season 2 "Suits" finale airs on Thursday, February 21 at 10 p.m. EST on USA.

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