'Suits': Harvey's Plan To Take Over The Firm Progresses, He Finally Tells Mike About It (VIDEO)

Harvey and Mike were back together again on "Suits," but that doesn't mean things were good between them. It just meant they had a court case, which they effectively won. Afterward, though, Harvey told Mike that they have another fight coming their way.

“Remember when you said Butch and Sundance were back?" Harvey asked. "They weren’t."

“What do you mean?” Mike asked.

Harvey replied, "I mean, it’s time I tell you I made a deal with Darby to take over the firm from Jessica.”

Zap2It's Laurel Brown noted that Mike was visibly shocked by this announcement. Perhaps even more telling, though, was the fact that he didn't bolt. Perhaps Jessica needs to watch out.

Chandel Charles, writing for TV Fanatic, wonders if Harvey is "trying to un-ring a bell that has already rang." She added that "[Harvey] only now told Mike that he'd made the deal to take over the firm and take Jessica out. Not only that, but he can't go to Jessica and flat-out tell her that he has made this deal. They just got back in the same library, with a longer way to go before they get back on the same page. That'll be hard to do with ...Harvey keeping that secret.”

Office tensions remain high on "Suits," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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