Sukhbir Singh Banned From Every McDonalds In England And Wales For Spying On Women Using Toilets

Peeping Tom Banned From Every McDonalds In England

If Sukhbir Singh ever gets a craving for a Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets, he'll have to travel hundreds of miles to Scotland or France to satisfy his cravings.

Singh, 32, has been banned from all 1,200 McDonalds restaurants in England and Wales after being caught spying on two women in the bathroom of a franchise in Birmingham, England. earlier this year.

Singh reportedly hid in the cubicles and watched the women do their business, the Daily Mail reported. He was arrested for a similar incident in a different McDonalds shortly thereafter, and though he denied the charges, he was arrested a third time in July, this time at a highway restroom.

As a result, Singh was found guilty of secretly “observing another person doing a private act for sexual gratification,” and owes community service, court fees and $80 to each of his victims, reported.

Singh has also been banned from all of the McDonalds in England and Wales, as well as all women's restrooms and dressing rooms, and officials are sending his photo to all the locations so employees can identify him and have him arrested if he defies the court order, the first of its kind in the country, the Mirror reported.

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