15-Year-Old's Incredible Smartphone App Could Be A Game-Changer

Suman Mulumudi may have just completed his freshman year, but his high school career is already off to an impressive start.

According to New Day, the 15-year-old created an app for smartphones that not only serves as a stethoscope, but can also be used as a heart monitor.

"I hear a lot about heart sounds," explained Mulumudi during a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," whose parents are both doctors. "So over my summer vacation, I set out to see if I could create a digital stethoscope and I came out with the Steth IO."

Watch Mulumudi's demonstration of the Steth IO above.

The Steth IO, which resembles an iPhone case with a diaphragm on the exterior, attaches to the smartphone where it allows individuals to listen, track and visualize their heart rates.

But despite the success of Steth IO, the young entrepreneur isn't slowing down anytime soon. He's already working on the LesionSizer, which will help with make angioplasty procedures easier and more cost-efficient.

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