49 Terrible Things That Are Worse Than The Inevitable End Of Summer


The moment that nobody has been waiting for has arrived: one month left of summer. Just a few weeks ago, we were in midst of the season: relaxing, sleeping and blissfully enjoying doing nothing -- feeling that the summer would never end.

We are now being faced with depressing back-to-school commercials, fall clothing ads and the warning of summer shows' season finales. But while the fact that summer's almost over is no doubt a very real #struggle, to make you feel better, here are 49 terrible things that are still somehow worse.

1. Calling someone over to help you fix something that is broken, only to realize that it’s working again when you try to show them what’s wrong.

2. Stupid binder rings not matching up.

3. When people try to pretend that they don’t know the names of boy bands.

4. When the stranger sitting next to you on the plane won’t stop talking to you.

5. Friends not ordering any food because they’re “not hungry” and then eating all of yours instead.

6. People purposefully taking forever to respond to texts.

7. Spending too much time opening something only to realize there’s an “open here” tab.

8. Chasing after a ping-pong ball.

9. Someone starting to tell you something, then stopping midway through and saying “never mind.”

10. Snapchats from friends of them working out (as if you need a reminder of the fact that your workout routine -- or lack thereof -- is inadequate).

11. Sitting on a chair that you think is gonna be soft and then it’s not.

12. Accidentally drinking expired milk.

13. Having too many tabs open in your browser and you can’t find anything.

14. People who say “LOL” in spoken conversation as opposed to just laughing out loud.

15. Being proud of your outfit but not interacting with anyone you know all day.

16. Everyone pretending like they have no clue what you’re talking about when you reference a children’s show.

17. Cutting your nails too short.

18. Getting a blister in the beginning of the day and not being able to change your shoes.

19. Overly sweetened coffee.

20. Receiving gibberish texts from friends who have turned off their autocorrect.

21. Only being able to breathe through one nostril because you’re so congested.

22. Having to pee really badly during a long car ride.

23. When the drawstring on your sweatshirt gets lost in the hood. (So. Uneven.)

24. A cut on the inside of your cheek.

25. When it’s your turn to read out loud in class and you forget how to read.

26. When you’re mad at yourself because you purposely read ahead to memorize your part and still messed it up.

When you’re still embarrassed 20 minutes later about your reading mistake even though you know no one noticed but you. (But what if they did?)
  • 28. That year you went trick-or-treating and didn’t get enough candy.

    29. Gum losing its flavor and you feel like you’re chewing on your own saliva.

    30. Ruining your palate with a lollipop.

    31. When your phone is almost dead and you have no way to charge it.

    32. People cutting you off to correct your grammar.

    33. Seeing someone you know in public but aren’t friends with and not knowing whether or not to say “hi.”

    34. Seeing someone you know in public and are friends with but don’t feel like talking to at the moment.

    35. Getting a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth.

    36. A webpage taking forever to load.

    37. Someone commenting on your post without “liking” it.

    38. Asking someone two questions over text and only receiving an answer to one. (Am I supposed to ask you again?)

    39. People showing up super late.

    40. People showing up super early.

    41. Telling a joke and not receiving the enthusiastic reaction you expected. <

    42. Someone calling you by the wrong name repeatedly and not knowing how to tell them that’s not your name.

    43. Unsolicited advice.

    44. Having to delete and re-write something in lowercase because you didn’t realize caps lock was on (and there’s no button to do it for you).

    45. Taking a bad, overly chewy bite of chicken.

    46. Having too much mayo in your sandwich.

    47. Ingrown toenails.

    48. Getting caught trying to take a good-looking selfie.

    49. Who are we kidding? There's nothing actually worse than the end of summer.
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