Summer Business Bucket List

Though summer may have a different meaning to you depending on where you are at this moment in time, its arrival can serve as a reminder to take an inventory of the progress you've made towards your current goals and priorities.

The first day of summer falls on June 20 this year, but many of us made the adjustment to this new season when we picked our kids up on the last day of school before their break began. Or, the countdown to your annual getaway has been on your mind for weeks as you've contemplated how you'll spend your time in the sun.

I'm sharing some ideas for a Summer Business Bucket List and invite you to do the same.

1. Review the last five books you've listened to or read.

What you find may serve as a good indicator of your interests; hopefully, the selections are varied but with a nice dose of entrepreneurial wisdom. If it's been a month since you added anything to your Kindle, perhaps you need to trim back on House of Cards and ask a few associates what they are reading and if they think you would enjoy it as well. There's nothing wrong with a few fashion magazines and a good fiction book, but honor your intention of sharpening your business knowledge base.

2. Book a new project, speaking engagement, or a work-related visit to an exciting destination.

With fall calendars filling up, don't forget to concentrate on the next few months and make room for new business relationships as well as opportunities to foster existing business. Initiate the conversation with key prospects to determine when you can discuss a future project.

3. Order a workplace personality assessment for members of your team.

Although you may have worked together for years, I believe there are things we would benefit from learning about one another's personalities. It's easy to assume all work styles are similar but better to learn what truly motivates your employees so that you can continue to support them as they grow. I recently learned my assistant is strongest in the "S" and "I" areas of the DISC assessment, which means she loves to be helpful and does everything she can to keep the peace. There is no right or wrong result; each trait has distinct strengths and key areas for improvement.

4. Schedule a fitness analysis.

Though it may not seem business related, one of my priorities is to maintain my good health so that I can be fully present in the office and at home. Knowing a fitness test with a trainer is fast approaching may just be the motivation needed to stick with your workout routine. I'm guilty of getting stuck in a rut of going to the same classes every week and plan on shaking my routine up this summer.

5. Review the operating budget and avoid including items just because "we always have."

For those whose budgets restart on July 1, it's crunch time. With already full plates, it can be tempting to carry a line item over without much thought, especially if it's an expense you've grown accustomed to paying. Although I may enjoy a particular vendor or event, I owe it to myself to keep an open mind and consider other services when appropriate. What can you add or trim from your budget that would benefit the business and your team?

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