Summer Car Essentials That'll Help Beat The Heat

Keep your skin from sizzling with these handy items, including a sweat-absorbing steering wheel cover and a windshield sun shade.
A Carats baby car seat cooler and an absorbent steering wheel cover.

If you have a car, you know the struggle of summer when your steering wheel, seats and seat belts all feel like they’re 500 degrees. There’s nothing worse than grabbing your seat belt buckle only to burn your hand on the scalding hot metal part. Just how are you supposed to go on all of your road trip vacations when it hurts just to sit in your car?

Though the summer heat is inevitable, there are auseful items you can grab on Amazon that will help alleviate most of your hot car problems. From covers that will act as a protective layer between your skin and the car seat to a neat car vent air extender that makes sure everyone in the back seat (including kids and pets) gets much-needed A/C, these products below ensure you don’t have to suffer through sweltering temps with no relief.

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A seat cover to keep you cool
This seat cover is made of breathable materials and makes a great accessory for your ultra-hot leather seats in the summer (the backs of your thighs will thank you). It even comes with pockets to store small items. Get it in beige, black or gray.

Promising review: "I thought this might feel rough on bare skin, but it doesn’t at all. Very comfortable and easy to install (Honda pilot). Purchased to help with hot leather seats during the summer. Was surprised to find not only does it prevent bare skin sticking to the leather, but it also ventilates so skin doesn’t get hot there either. So glad I purchased these" — Multitaskermom
A steering wheel cover for sweaty hands
If your hands are perpetually damp when it's hot out, take a look at this steering wheel cover: It's soft and designed to absorb hand sweat so you can have a better grip. Reviewers say it can be a bit difficult to wrap around the steering wheel fresh out of the box, but suggest leaving it out in the sun (or on your dashboard) for a few hours so you can more easily stretch it out a little.

Promising review: "This is a great cover for my Mazda Miata MX-5. At first, it was a little too small and I couldn't stretch it enough by hand to get it onto the steering wheel. But, another reviewer suggested to heat it up slightly, so I left it out in the summer sun for an hour and it then stretched just enough to easily stretch over the steering wheel. It fits perfectly snug as it cooled. I love it!" — William J. Ingram
The Noggle air vent extender
If you're tired of hearing "Can you turn the A/C up?" every five minutes from the backseat, this air vent extender is exactly what you need. The Noggle is an 8-foot tube that extends the air flow from your vent to the backseat to keep kids and pets cool while they ride.

Promising review: "My car doesn’t have rear air vents so this has helped my 18-month-old keep cool since rear facing! I wish I would have had this for my daughter! I’ve had so many people ask me about this. I have it installed on my passenger side so when I have someone ride with me I just unhook it and hang it on the back of the seat! Love this thing!" — Lacey Joines
A car windshield sun shade
If you want to keep the inside of your car a little more cool while it's parked in the sun, this foldable sun shade will help. It protects your car's interior from being damaged by UV rays. The shade comes in seven sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Promising review: "This is so effective in protecting your car from the directly sunlight and lessening the heat. Also easy fold. Personally, as someone who dreaded folding these things, I honestly practiced in my house for about 15 minutes. Totally worth it and so easy to store!" — ZJ
A seat belt cushion
Say farewell to having a hot seat belt dig into your shoulder and neck after you get this Velcro cushion cover. Not only is it softer on your skin than the material of your seat belt, but it also comes in several fun colors to spice up your car's interior, including sparkly gold, sparkly green, red, pink and black.

Promising review: "I had a product similar to this on the seat belts of my previous car, and forgot to take them off when I traded the car in. These came very soon after I ordered them, and are soft and comfortable. Especially appreciated when I’m wearing a tank top where my skin is exposed." — Annie K.
Carats car seat cooler for babies
This self-insulated car seat liner keep babies and toddlers cool during the warmer months. Keep in mind that it's meant to be used while your child is not in the car seat: Simply leave it folded and flat in your freezer overnight, then place it on the unoccupied car seat for about 10 minutes to cool the seat down.

Promising review:
"This is a great product and keeps car seats very cool! Arizona temps are usually high and cars get very hot. When we put our toddler and baby back in their car seats they are relieved that their straps/seats aren’t hot. My toddler likes to lay the folded seat cooler on his lap once he’s in his seat. We are very happy we found this!" — Hannah

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