This Summer, Flights Will Be The Cheapest They've Been In 7 Years

It's about to get GOOD.

If you're looking to plan a trip this summer, then you're in major luck.

Flights prices this summer will be the cheapest they've been in seven years, according to estimates from airfare prediction site Hopper. An average round-trip domestic flight purchased in June will cost just $240, which is 20 percent less than it would've cost two years ago.

By September, the average domestic round-trip will cost just $207. This is some incredible music to every traveler's ear.

Experts say the dropping cost of jet fuel is one cause behind cheap flights. These new summer price predictions follow a trend of low ticket prices that we've observed since last year. Hopper predicts the drop should continue pretty steadily for the rest of 2016.

Researchers at the site examined their archive of more than a trillion flight prices along with search data for every destination in the U.S. to reach their conclusions, a spokesperson for Hopper told HuffPost.

Of course, nabbing a cheap flight this summer will involve some strategic planning. Experts recommend purchasing plane tickets exactly 54 days ahead of time for domestic travel to get the best deals.

So buy in June, and fly by August on the cheapest trip of your life. Happy travels!

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