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16 Ways 'Kids These Days' Are Missing Out On REAL Summer Fun

16 Ways 'Kids These Days' Are Missing Out On REAL Summer Fun

The only thing better than summertime itself is being a kid during the summer. There are beaches to play on, pools to swim in, and friends to hang out with into the late, muggy evenings.

Unfortunately, children all too often overlook the great things summer has to offer and complain about being "bored." And with the overexposure to technology, it seems harder and harder to keep their interests.

But when it comes to summer, there is no room for boredom. Read below for the best things we remember about summertime fun, brought to you in partnership with the 2014 Toyota Highlander.

Double Dutch Competitions
The heat was SERIOUS, and it was not just from the pounding sun.
Tire Swings
With all the fancy playground toys and amusement park games, the quintessential tire-and-rope has become sadly overlooked as a swingin' good time.
Rainy Afternoons With A VHS
There was something deeply satisfying about opening that plastic cover and popping in a VHS on rainy summer days. Who even needs Angry Birds?
Ice Cream Trucks
Of course, ice cream trucks are still around. In fact, food trucks are The Next Big Thing. But long, hot afternoons combined with half-melted pops and the brilliant chirp of the ice cream truck song will never hold the same excitement as in those pre-fro yo days.
Ball Pits
Sure, they may have been cesspools of childhood disease, but was there ever a better way to beat the heat and celebrate a summer birthday at the same time?
Once the mecca of air-conditioned fun, mall arcade games have sadly devolved into life as iPad apps or nostalgia at the neighborhood hipster bar.
Ironically, this ultimate "remember when?" game never gets old. Who needs a basketball hoop when you have a stick?
Cat's Cradle
Once upon a time, being able to finesse a game of Cat's Cradle proved all the things necessary in a prepubescent friendship: dexterity, focus, and above all, the attention of all the other kids.

Bonus: Chinese Jump Rope.
Some could argue that kids still play hopscotch. But admit it, your neighborhood sidewalks have been MUCH less colorful in the last 20 years.
Homemade Popsicles
Sure, you had a slew of icy treats to pick from: Mickey Mouse pops, Firecrackers, and Luigi's Italian Ices. However, the deep satisfaction that came with creating your own sweet something out of orange juice and a plastic mold was unparalleled. Now, popsicles have been relegated back to just a food instead of a summer afternoon activity. Womp.
Lanyard Bracelets
The string might still exist, but friendship bracelets will never hold the same heft of sisterly love as they did pre-Silly Bandz.
Calling Mom From A Pay Phone
It's 6pm -- do you know where your kids are? Probably, since you were texting with them all day. The thrill that came from calling your parents to pick you up from the park, a friend's house, or even the illicit Camp Phone Call is gone in today's plugged-in world.
Fortune Tellers/ Cootie Catchers
Before Madame Cleo made her late night cameo, and especially before you could download an app that guesses the name of your crush, there was the paper fortune teller. Nothing felt as powerful as holding that baby in your hand and telling your bunkmate's fortune before mess hall dinner was called over the loudspeaker.Bonus: MASH.
A Good Ole' Bucket Of Water
Who needs Nerf guns anyway??
Knocking On Your Friend's Door
Will she want to go to the pool? Is she hanging out with someone else? Did her mom make lunch already? So many unanswered, titillating questions before the days of text messaging!
Road Trip Games
Before the days of TV streaming and really comfortable headphones, road trips were a time that families were forced to bond. The license plate game? Twenty questions? EYE SPY?!Bring back that magic with the 2014 Toyota Highlander, where there is just NO room for boring.

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