10 Must-Have Summer Gadgets (PHOTOS)


They can snap pictures and play music, send emails and browse the web, but water and sand are lethal. Let's face it: most gadgets aren't made for the shore.

However, there are ways to protect or improve dry-ground gizmos and make them into beach buddies. There are also some sand-ready devices that can turn any seashore getaway into a high-tech event.

The geekiest beach bums can check surf conditions before arriving at the shore, take a swim with headphones on, read a Kindle while it floats in the water, dive deep and capture photos or video, use a sonar watch to see what critters live nearby, lounge on a towel that plays music, mix tasty cocktails without leaving the sand, charge all their devices using the power of the sun, and rest comfortably knowing that there's a robotic lifeguard patrolling the waters. It's all possible in 2010.

Check out 10 hot summer gadgets that are a must for any tech-obsessed summer-lover, then take a look at (and accessorize with) the geekiest bikinis of all time.

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