Summering In Alaska Is A 'Thing' And Here's Why You Should Do It

Whenever Alaska is brought up in conversation, it's most likely linked with some Sarah Palin quip or a remark about how much your current city "feels like Alaska." Well, you might not know this, but it actually gets warm in Alaska. Yep -- WARM.

Sure, there might a little snow on the mountain caps, but just keep Alaska in mind the next time you're planning a summer getaway. Cruise ship prices are always reasonable and a great way to escape those big crowds in the Caribbean.

Check out the tiny towns (with awesome temps and cheesy headlines) that you should spend time in this summer:

1. Anchors away in Anchorage

Earn all of the money back you spent on your Alaskan vacation by panning for gold in Alaska's biggest city. But with temperatures in the 60s, it's also awesome weather to catch some King Salmon or go "bear viewing."

2. Catch me if you Ketchikan

Ketchikan is another major stop for Alaskan cruise lines and there's a definitely a reason why -- misty fjords and salmon runs. We're hooked -- line and sinker.

3. Go on a ferry in Fairbanks
fairbanks alaska

A typical Fairbanks summer day means temps hovering around the 70s, aka fantastic weather to check out the ginormous pansies and 50-pound cabbages over at the Georgeson Botanical Garden.

4. Take a sailboat out in Sitka
sitka alaska

Sitka is still a little chilly in the summer, but it's considered the most beautiful seaside town in Alaska (it was also made famous by The Proposal). Go in June to check out the Sitka Summer Music Festival where evening concerts are held overlooking the Sitka Sound.

5. Get jiggy with Juneau
juneau alaska

Mendenhall Glacier (pictured) is a must-see in Juneau. As one TripAdvisor user said, "Going to Juneau, and not going to the Mendenhall Glacier, is like going to Paris, and not going up the Eiffel Tower; It's synonymous with Juneau." Agreed!

6. Soar away to Skagway
skagway alaska

The Skagway Mushing Camp is probably one of the cutest things you can do in Alaska. After meeting the Alaskan Husky sled dogs and watching a "mushing" demonstration from 7-time Iditarod veteran Matt Hayashida, you can actually play with puppies... Need we say more?

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Getty Images
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Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Getty Images
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Chicago, IL
Getty Images
Spending a hot summer afternoon in Grant Park or making your way toward the Navy Pier Ferris wheel for a ride, Chicago's kid-friendliness knows no bounds.
Boston, MA
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Boston is a city rich in history and a prime location for a quick kid-friendly getaway. From spots like Copley Square to anywhere along the Charles River, a trip to Bean Town will certainly not disappoint.
Portland, ME
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The adventurous, outdoorsy kid in your life will love a stop in Portland, ME. There are plenty of opportunities to spend majority of your time outside, soaking in the tranquil scenery and gorgeous coastlines. Have no fear though, if the weather is bad, there are plenty of kid-friendly museums to fill your time.
Washington, D.C.
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New York, NY
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San Diego, CA
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A destination that is actually pretty perfect any time of the year, San Diego is a pretty sweet spot for families who love a little fun in the sun and the water. Sea World, Coronado Beach... need we say more?
San Antonio, TX
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Orlando, FL
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