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Want Green Grass The Easy Way? Follow These 4 Low-Maintenance Summer Lawn Care Tips

There's nothing more beautiful than a lawn outside your home. But the effort involved in maintaining green grass can be daunting, to say the least. Between the mowing and watering -- all under the hot summer sun -- it's no wonder that many of us do their best to put off the task. But what if we told you that this was actually a good thing? It turns out that a little laziness (think: letting grass get a little scruffy-looking) can often result in a better-looking yard. So, think of the below tips as your "get out of chores" pass.

Mow Less: No, you don't have to be out there every Sunday morning mowing your grass. It's actually recommended by organic lawn care experts to keep grass on the taller side, measuring about 3". Keeping your grass at this height will improve soil moisture retention and block weeds from getting sun to grow.

Leave Grass Clippings: After you mow, don't rake those clippings. Instead, leave them on your lawn and they will break down and return nutrients to the soil.

Skip Fertilizer: Over applying commercial fertilizers in the heat of summer can burn your lawn, or, create tender growth that will struggle in the hot sun.

Water Less: Just because you're thirsty doesn't mean your lawn is. Watering should only take place about three times a week. Watering more than that will soak the top layer of grass but never get to the roots, rendering your effort useless. Also, it's best to water in the morning (and get it over with) because the water will be absorbed immediately when the sun is out, leaving less of a chance for bacteria and insects to grow.

Let us know if you have any easy tips for lawn care in the comments below!

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