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Summer Makeup: How To Weather-Proof Your Beauty Routine (PHOTOS)

Getting dressed in the summer can be a total breeze (dress, sandals and you're done), but when it comes to choosing the perfect makeup routine, things can get a little more tricky. Trying to prevent your makeup from melting is an ongoing battle, not to mention the constant struggle to keep your face looking fresh.

But there are a few things that you can do that will keep your summer makeup looking light and effortless all day long. To help you get ready for BBQ and beach season, we've rounded up the five most important beauty products you'll need:

  1. Primer
  2. Primer is something that most people can afford to skip in the winter, as makeup tends to stay in place a little better. But come summer, the high temps cause foundation and shadow to run and fade. Primer is a good way to ensure all your products stay in place.

  • Waterproof mascara

  • This one is pretty obvious. But when you're in and out of the water, mascara that can withstand moisture is key.

  • BB or CC cream

  • Avoid heavy foundation at all costs. Instead, opt for BB (Blemish Balm ) or CC (Color Control) creams. Not only will these feel lighter on your skin, but many also contain sunscreen.

  • Tinted lip balm

  • Bleeding lipstick is the worst, and in the summer heat you can almost guarantee that you'll resemble The Joker within a few hours of stepping into the sun. Go for a tinted lip balm with SPF, it'll protect your lips and stay put.

  • Oil absorbing sheets
  • These are a godsend. Not only will these blotting papers keep your T-zone shine and oil-free, but they can tidy up your running makeup, sans mirror.

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