Summer Movie List: Top 10 Movies on Leadership

Leaders are learners. Effective leaders are always learning new things and gaining new insights.

Movies related to the topic of leadership can serve as an indispensable learning tool. I have compiled my top 10 into this list for your summer viewing. I use these movies in my classroom and training to offer practical examples of leadership in action. We watch short video clips and then engage in discussions about the related leadership themes.

As you watch these movies, you will also learn about different types of leadership, explore problem solving strategies, reflect upon your leadership style and gain new insights on how to lead effectively.

Are you ready to advance leadership for social justice? These top 10 movies will provide you with the tools to serve and lead in the global community.

1. A Long Walk to Freedom (President Nelson Mandela's life story as a transformational leader)

Leadership Themes: Community-building, Social Justice

2. Amazing Grace (William Wilberforce's advocacy to end slavery)

Leadership Themes: Strategic Action, Public Policy Advocacy

3. Gandhi (Mohandas Gandhi's journey to address oppression and empower everyday people to lead their own change)

Leadership Themes: Empowerment, Community Organizing

4. The Great Debaters (Young people using their intellect and creativity to challenge injustices)

Leadership Themes: Determination, Perseverance

5. Invictus (President Mandela promoting National unity in South Africa)

Leadership Themes: Shared Humanity, Common Destiny

6. Iron Ladies of Liberia (President Johnson Sirleaf's first year of presidency)

Leadership Themes: Women in Leadership, Vision

7. Mother Teresa (Life story of Mother Teresa who modeled the principles of servant leadership)

Leadership Themes: Authentic Leadership, Power of Love

8. Remember the Titans (Explores lessons on team-building and collaborative partnerships)

Leadership Themes: Collective Engagement, Influence

9. The Rosa Parks Story (History of Montgomery Bus Boycott and Rosa Parks' courageous stand in challenging racial segregation)

Leadership Themes: Courage, Strategic Action

10. Selma (Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s work in leading the 1965 Selma March and advancing the passage of the Voting Rights Act)

Leadership Themes: Charismatic Leadership, Coalition-Building

What is your favorite leadership movie? What are the leadership lessons that you have learned from this movie?