Summer Of Love Hamburg: Missing James Franco 3.0 with the Beatles and Psychic Ills

In Hamburg, 33 turns up as the magic number uniting the 3 of my life path with the 3 of James Franco. Plus, it adds up to six!

Missing James Franco 3.0 during my first trip to Hamburg turned up some amazing...

...which only asks you to translate the Kundalini Fire into portals of initiation...

...from four guys from Liverpool into the FAB FOUR... arrive at the holistic (360) view of the famous historical divide...

Ending the cycle of desire...

Salvation, is still offered, as it was for the Beatles--who played Kaiserkeller at 36 Grosse Freiheit on 31 July 1960--in the Catholic Church across the street.

...filled beyond capacity in the "free zone" on the Sunday morning of my visit.

No wonder the Beatles got their rock n' roll initiation in Hamburg!

The chart of the Beatles playing the Kaiserkeller reveals they would be the Kings of Rock n' Roll, defining the look with the Sun/Venus/Uranus conjunction in Leo squaring the Moon conjunction to Neptune in the sexual sign of Scorpio, while Pluto applied to the North Node in Virgo. Reverberating from the stage in the Hamburg "freiheit", they would encapsulate the upheavel culminating in the 1968 social revolutions.

EROS is key to understanding the cycles of desire as life/death/rebirth.

And the revival of Eros... bringing the sixties BEAT back!

Looking like he just stepped out of the sixties, Jon Catfish DeLorme came over from London to push product for the Lysergics at HafenKlang.

Yeah Rock n Roll!

The Psychic Ills from New York were spreading the love at Hafenklang on Monday night, 15 August.

Tress Warren of the Psychic Ills.

Amram Adam of the Psychic Ills.

Elizabeth Warren of the Psychic Ills.

The Hamburg Free Walking Tours were a great introduction to the fascinating city that spawned the Beatles. Yet, it was my personal exploration of the Beatles Hamburg archeology, which turned up the phenomenology of Eros: their first venue carrying the name of a Hindu God with an amorous character!

Turning the corner to Paul-Roosen Stausse, I discover the Bambi Kino, where the Beatles "lived in squalor" in that magical time, 17 August 1960 when the culture was about to explode.

My archeology took place 2 days and a complete synodal eclipse cycle away, with the North Node at 12 Virgo!


All photos copyright Lisa Paul Streitfeld.

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