Summer Party Recipes: What To Eat When It's Too Hot To Cook (PHOTOS)

It's still summer, it's still too warm to turn the oven on, let's celebrate!

Around this time every summer, we start to panic -- so many summer cooking ideas, so little time. As we start to see the phrase "back-to-school" get bandied about (seriously guys, already?), we'd like to casually remind everyone that it is still summer, so you all better cook like it.

Our stock reaction to this kind of panic is to invite everyone we know over for dinner. We can only find one problem with this kind of behavior: it's still pretty hot, and no one wants to turn their ovens on yet. "Summer entertaining" is one of our favorite phrases in the English language, and we want to make sure you have all the summer party recipes you need to kick one off. All of these recipes require either no cooking whatsoever, very quick, light cooking, or they all get cooked together in one big pot for less mess, less stress and less time in the kitchen (or standing around the grill). It's still summer, let's celebrate!

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Summer Presents

What To Eat When It's Too Hot To Cook

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