Summer Recipes: Must-Have Dinner Party Menu Ideas (PHOTOS)

These show-stopping recipes will keep them coming back for seconds.

Over the last few weeks of this lovely summer, we've been thinking a lot about cooking. We talked about grilling recipes, vegetarian grilling recipes, recipes to make when it's too hot to think, and recipes that use the best of summer's bounty of produce.

It seems that no matter how far and how wide we cast our net for amazing summer recipes to share, we'll never quite reach the end of the internet. It's with that in mind that we've decided to throw another summer dinner party, with some of the loveliest, most show-stopping recipes around.

There are a few key elements to executing a great dinner party: 1) make sure your guests have delicious, seasonally-appropriate beverages (alcoholic or not). 2) Go heavy on the snacks -- trust us on this one, everyone loves to graze and an hors d'oeuvre-heavy party will ease the pressure to get dinner on the table. 3) Keep things simple, seasonal and make a little more than you think you'll need. 4) Choose one element that will blow everyone away, be it an amazing main course, a gorgeous cake, a cold soup to sip, etc. We love summer, can you tell?

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Fresh Strawberry & Lime Tom Collins

Must-Have Summer Party Recipes


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