Summer Side Dishes: Vegetable-Oriented Recipes For Your Cookout (PHOTOS)

We wait all year for summer vegetables, and once they're here, we want to eat them all.

When someone invites us over for a backyard BBQ, our minds immediately start to race -- which side dish should we bring?? No, seriously. These are the kinds of things we get excited over.

The great thing about attending summer grilling parties, is that the hosts almost always have passionate feelings about the main dishes. Be they burgers, hot dogs, some other low-and-slow smoked dish that actually gets to be called "barbecue" -- the main course is all theirs. This leaves tons of open options for friends to bring their favorite side dish. Some people love pasta salad. Some people love to bring dessert. For us, it's all about the vegetables. We wait all year long for summer vegetables to finally be in season, and once they are, we want to eat them in every possible application we can. We rounded up some of the brightest, most delicious-looking side dishes we could find, so that you can head home with an empty container and a full stomach.

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Summer Side Dish Recipes