How To Sleep Soundly On Hot Summer Nights, In One Simple Chart

Summertime is packed with some of the year's best barbecues, outdoor adventures and vacation time, but it also comes with hot and humid evenings that can be virtually impossible to sleep through.

Recognizing that the peak of this steamy season is imminent, the team at The Sleep Matters Club in the United Kingdom compiled a helpful infographic sharing 16 ways to ensure a solid night's sleep when you just can't seem to beat the heat.

When it comes to sleep hygiene, keeping your bedroom cool, dark and quiet is essential for a solid night's sleep. But believe it or not, those three qualifiers (which represent pretty much the opposite of summer) are still within your reach.

Check out The Sleep Matters Club's infographic below to find out how to sleep like a baby tonight -- even without AC.

Courtesy of: Dreams