Summer Solstice 2013: Hold Up to the Sun Your Heart

Summer Solstice 2013: Hold Up to the Sun Your Heart
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I hold up to the sun my heart, that the bright light on the Summer Solstice might fill it with the spirit of life and vitality.

I hold up to the sun the work of every solitary Druid, and all of those who celebrate alone. May their sacred space be filled with peace and light.

I hold up to the sun the ministries of compassion, wherever they exist. Compassion is not the property of any one tradition. It is a gift given to all of us, and a gift we are free to share with others.

I hold up to the sun those who work for justice in the world. Theirs is a great and noble struggle; a continual turning of the soil.

I hold up to the sun the voices unheard, the voices silenced, and the voices yet undiscovered. May each of us come to speak the truth as it is revealed to us. May we be supported in our unfolding.

I hold up to the sun the challenges I face in my own life; my uncertainty, my doubt, my fear, my insecurity, my righteousness, my judgment, and my shame. All those parts of me which have remained unexamined, undesired or unwanted, I hold them up to the sun.

I hold up to the sun the challenges you face, known and unknown, that you might remember that there are others in the world who think of you. The light of the sun shines on us both, and we are interconnected.

I hold up to the sun the fullness of my existence. I recognize that every part of me, loved or unloved, is connected to the Holy. The world is sacred, not because I have set it aside to be so, but because it simply is on its own. I am a part of a mystical, mysterious, magical life. With gratitude and humility, I hold it up to the sun.

This is a day of celebration; a day of recognition of the greatness of our lives.

Ours is a path illuminated by a generous light.

Rise up and greet it.

Feel its warmth on your face.

This light -- the light of the sun -- can inspire you to experience reverence, joy, peace, and a fullness of heart.

Let it.

May this day of longest light become for each of us a day of longest gratitude.

A day of longest peace.

A day of longest creativity.

A day of longest hope.

Hold up to the sun your heart, and feel fully present in your life.

May it be so.

If you are a solitary Pagan or Druid and are looking for support around your practice, consider the Solitary Druid Fellowship. The Fellowship provides free, customizable High Day liturgies based in ADF Druidry, as well as daily, lunar and seasonal devotionals. The Fellowship periodically offer opportunities to create collaboratively with other solitaries, and is seeks to help those who do their religious and spiritual work in solitude to develop a deeper, richer engagement with their practice. Membership is not required. You are welcome in the Fellowship.

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